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Outstanding –

MeasuredUp review by larreidaho

What wonderful customer service. I could not live without now. I mail letters and packages from home. It is so convenient and simple.

Superior Service & Top–Notch Tech Support

Epinions review by honeyblonde

…it was quickly evident that was the standout. The features & benefits they offered were aplenty (too numerous to mention), but key factors were the cost (inexpensive), and ease of use (quick to get up & running).

Easy Postage!!! Postage Service

MeasuredUp review by marsh989

…I like since now I do not have to go to the post office to buy stamps Review

Ecommerce– review by Ron

Because of the ease of use and the discounts available, I would highly recommend if you need to ship with the United States Postal Service.

Great program, extremely knowledgeable employees.

Epinions review by banddlures

I have been using for quite a few years and it makes mailing out packages to buyers extremely easy. All I do is print a stamp affix it to the package and put in my mailbox.

Stamp of Approval – stamp service

MeasuredUp review by sooyrich76

When I contact technical support for a problem they are in tune with what I am explaining and how to fix it.

The only way to ship international eBay orders!

Epinions review by donovanx is an excellent service for any Ebay seller especially when it comes to international mail. Whereas USPS will not insure First Class International Mail, does. That is great peace of mind!

Never had a problem

TrustPilot review by Mike

I have been using for several years to ship a few packages and envelopes a day. I have never had a problem with their service, which is as straight forward as it gets. I haven’t been to the post office to buy stamps in years, and for that I thank you!

Outstanding Product and Customer Service

ViewPoints Review by TarHeel70

I have been using for a while. It is so convenient to use. customer service is AWESOME!!

Epinions Review by thefleecelady

I am extremely happy with I like the easy to use format, the reliability, and while I’ve only needed to call for help twice in all the years I’ve used… The customer service is awesome!

My Experience

planetfeedback by Richie S.

This has been a time–saver for me, and the customer service is prompt and spot–on.

Stamps Available at Midnight

MeasuredUp by hard2please makes mailing and shipping a breeze. No more standing in long lines for stamps; you can print your own. Review

Trustlink Review by Alex Howard

We have been using since about 1995…15 years later, we are still using Stamps… We cannot see a reason to stop using this service… We can’t find anything bad to say about them.

Fantastic Customer Service

planetfeedback by Charlie M.

The representative I spoke with was fantastic: She was very knowledgable and very patient. She stayed on the line until I had the software installed and understood all I needed to know to use it. She was, without a doubt, one of the best phone support agents I have ever spoken with. testimonial

planetfeedback by Steven W.

I would say anyone looking to save time and money in long run this is the best business tool to have and I strongly recommend it.

Thanks for a very satisfying experience by Susan B.

When calling to help me fix the glitch that I had in installing and activating my account from the old system I was wonderfully surprised and it only took about 3 mins.

Effective, Efficient, Practical – excellent service group

ViewPoints Review by KIPinkham

I have been a customer of since 1998 and I REALLY couldn’t function without them! The program saves my company hours and hours of lost time and whenever I have had a problem their CSR people are without exception – The Best of Any Business I have ever dealt with.


MeasuredUp by DebraG

I am amazed at how easy my mailings have become. Items such as postage, tracking and address book are just one click away.

planetfeedback by by Kris S. is a great alternative for smaller businesses – MUCH cheaper and more convenient than a postage machine. Customer service was great also! - BEST Postage Service in the US! – by trendytree

We were astounded! Our packaging process is so much easier now. The speed that the labels print is phenomenal, the downtime has been non–existent and the couple of times I’ve called for support – my needs have been exceeded. Review by Mimsy485 has been very helpful for me. I do not have to worry about going to the post office for postage, nor do I ever “run out” of postage. All I have to do is print what I need and the convenience and ease of doing so are paramount to me.

My Pleasant Experience

planetfeedback by Marie T.

Bless you all! I love and their help department is great.

Thanks for a great service!

planetfeedback by Jean H.

I used for a few years when I was actively selling/buying on eBay. I was really pleased with the service because it was so easy to navigate. It was super easy to use and fun as well. I could keep track of my postage, could notify recipients and create what I needed, when I needed it. PC Post Office Review by karenatwin really takes the wait out of going to the post office, so I can spend that time on more important things! 6 – “Fantastic and right on time for me and my home business”

CNET’s by barbaranack

Pros: Easy, fast, and I never have to leave my office to ship. I do ship a lot of Ebay items.
Cons: What’s not to like? This makes my life so much better.

Save time with by fethers

The website is so easy to use and understandable. It takes just a few minutes to sign up for the trial period and order any additional supplies you might want. Shipment time of the scales and starter package was just a matter of a … 6 – "Super for Small Office"

CNET’s by Charlie_V

Pros: Free priority mail tracking, professional and flexible printing of postage (envelopes or labels), a record of every transaction, automatic debit of additional postage, interfaces with Outlook and Word, free scale, free postage—what’s not to like? I think many of the criticisms of this package are from folks who are trying to use it for home. 5 lb. Digital Scale Review by LoveisJoy

I can’t believe how much extra money I’ve given to the post office in my life. If you think about it, every time you mail a large envelope and just stick on a bunch of stamps without knowing the exact weight and cost, you’ve probably overspent as many times as I have. Well, no more. I recently purchased the 5lb. Digital Scale. My days of throwing money away are over. Review: Can You Save Money from Home? (Video Review)

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Whether you work from home or want to save money on gas, check out if this online mail and postage service is best suited for you. offers a trial and with this review you can first take a peek at this online mail program.

Shipping Guide: Free Digital Scale, Supplies, Postage! by Prime_Sales

Quite honestly, shipping can be a pain. Finding and/or buying boxes, tape, shipping packaging, going to the post office with arm loads of packages, standing in line, etc. etc. I used to go to the post office with a huge black bag full of boxes, wait to see a teller and then have to start unloading on them! vs Dymo?

Yahoo Answers by Moto works well because you can print postage right from your printer. Just be sure you have a scale to enter correct postage weight.

International Shipping with by babybcpotherid

I don’t post much but looks like some folks are having problems with international shipping so I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. I’ve been using for several months. I ship a lot of lightweight items internationally and went with them to be able to print First Class International.